You Live As Long As You Are Remembered!

You Live As Long As You Are Remembered – You Got Only One life, But It’s enough to leave a mark.

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There is a thing about life,

We all are gonna die, Right? Eventually We all gonna die! But legacy live on,

So we must take the advantage that time we have right now.

You got one life to live….today begins tomorrow continue and it’s never ends…

You go after things… You try and you fail and get back up and you continue to try and fail and try and fail and eventually you win then it’s doesn’t matter how many times you fail…

Failure is the part and the recipe of success my friends, is the looser who fail once and give up….

Stop running to the potentiall to what you can be guyz.. .It’s inside of you and it’s always been there…

You must believe in yourself enough to be the person now that what others remember you later!

If you guyz believe that you can do it, your mind…

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A Man Who Carved A Path Through A Mountain Using Hammer and Chisel – Inspirational Movies

Must Watch Movie – Bollywood Movie, Inspiring Movies, Real Life Story

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Manjhi The Mountain Man movie is real life story of “Dashrath Manjhi” Who also known as Mountain Man, He was lived in Gehlaur village, near Gaya in Bihar, India. We know him as a Mountain Man, because he was carved a path through a mountain using only a hammer and chisel.

What We Can Learn from this Movie?

We actually can learn many things from this movie, but most of all we can learn two things

  • Dedication.
  • Never give up.

For Movie Details Go To Bollywood Lover Manjhi The Mountain Man Movie 

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Is There Experience Is Important To Achieving Your Goal?

“The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience”

This is Suraj Kashyap! Today i will discuss about that there Is Experience is Important to achieving your goal? I think about that from a long time. Finally I got the answer And that is “Yes“.

Experience definitely helps to achieving your goal. However, the success comes to only those who have vision and determination. Determination means desire along with strong will power to achieve it with proper knowledge.


For a new domain our knowledge may be at beginners level, in that case we may take some guidance/pursue some course to upgrade our knowledge level and then the process will be smooth.

Experience sometimes becomes a limitation of a person because one may be habituated in doing a particular takes in particularly way, and may not interested in trying new way or experimenting new ideas of doing it.

However, all one needs to be successful to achieve his goal is determination with proper knowledge And that knowledge will comes from Experience.


Tell me what do you think there is Experience is Important to achieving your goal???

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