Self confidence


Self confidence is extremely important in almost every situation in our lives. Yet so many people struggle to find it. People who lost her self confidence can’t be successful in her life.


You can become be self – confident! You must believe in yourself and love yourself.

Self confidence Two main things are in self-confidence is:

1. Self efficacy

2. Self esteem

Self efficacy

This is the confidence that, if we learn and work hard in particular area, we’ll succeed; and it’ this type of confidence that leads people to accept difficult challenges, and persist in the face of setbacks.

Self esteem This overlaps with the idea of self esteem which is a more general sense that we can cope with that’s going on in our lives.

Building self confidence

So how do you build self confidence in your lives.

The bad news is there is no quick fix or 10 minutes solution.

The good news is that becoming more self confident is readily achievable, just long as you have the focus on it.

So , here are three steps to self confidence, for which we’ll use the metaphor of a journey:

Step 1. Preparing for your journey

The first step is that you must ready yourself for your journey to achieve self-confidence. You need to take stock of where you are, think about where you want to go, get yourself ready to it. In preparing yourself for your journey, do following five things:

1. Look at what you have already Achieved

2. Think about your strength

3. Think about what’s is important to you and what’s you want in your life.

4. You must start Managing your mind

5. And Then Ready yourself to work hard to achieve your goal.

6. Always try to look positive in any situation.

Step 2. Setting out This is where you start, ever you work slowly but you are doing right thing, and starting with small you must keep your dream big and work hard achieve it.

1. Build your knowledge you need to achieve your goal.

2. Always Focus on the Basics don’t try to clever to elaborate.

3. First of all Set small Goal and Achieve them.

4. Keep managing your mind

5. Learn to handle failure and never give up.

Step .3 Accelerating towards success . By this stage, you’ll feel your self-confidence building. You have completed some of the courses you started and then that is a time to celebrate!

This is the time to stretching yourself. Make the goal bit bigger. And the challenges are automatically be a bit bigger.

1. Keep yourself grounded

2. Make sure you don’t start enjoying cleverness for its own sake.

About Suraj Kashyap

My name is Suraj Kashyap, I love Blogging. I'm learning blogging from my brother, He motivate me every time. I'm passionate but not blogger yet and i'm learning and soon i will become a Professional Blogger from India.
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