Life’s Aim


Hi guys, this is suraj kashyap and I’m a blogger from India. I want to share my views on the Topic “Life’s Aim.”


Different peoples have different ambitions and different priorities  in their life. Some want to be rich. Some wish to become leaders of men. Some desire to be scientist or doctor.  There are some people’s who make their mark by doing something outstanding or extraordinary Like Jagdish kashyap (A passionate blogger from India #Mr jk quotes.) It was the spirit of adventure that made men and women swim across of English channel and explorers to risk their lives in south pole. Indeed it is a law of a human nature that everyone, rich or poor, young or old wishes outshine others in his sphere of activity. First of all you must choose a better friend circle for you. This will be decided  that what you do in your life in future something big or something small. It depends on you. The second one is that you must choose a better goal for you. You will be interested in it and that must be most appropriate for you. Now if u want to be a successful person in your life so you must work hard on it.

“Work Hard and Keep your dream big.”

“Plan an action to achieve a particular goal”

About Suraj Kashyap

My name is Suraj Kashyap, I love Blogging. I'm learning blogging from my brother, He motivate me every time. I'm passionate but not blogger yet and i'm learning and soon i will become a Professional Blogger from India.
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One Response to Life’s Aim

  1. Yeah!! you absolutely right, every one must a have a AIM and also a right path to walk on it, life is short live it loud but with sense.

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