What is Attitude?


Jagdish Kashyap

Hello This is Jagdish Kashyap and i’m a editor at this Blog, Today i’m going to write about Attitude. what is Attitude? Is this important? Where i can buy it?

lot’s of peoples think that attitude a thing that they can buy or lot’s of peoples things that attitude is not important and today i’m writing this article for all those peoples, who think that Attitude is not important and it’s a thing that they can buy.

Let’s just start with a main question of this article What is Attitude? Attitude is about how you react on a thing that’s all but i really just can’t understand why peoples think (Mostly) that Attitude is a thing that they can buy.


What Is Attitude?

Let me just clear that it’s not a thing that anybody can buy “It’s not learned by anyone it’s earned by Hard Work”. Did you ever heard that “without learn you just can’t earn” earning is depends on learning after learning you just have to remove the “L” then it’s become earning and what you earn? you earned Attitude which is important to going on and on and on!

Attitude Is Not About How Much Money In Your Pocket,

Attitude Is About How Much Confidence In Your Pocket.

By : Mr. Jk Quotes

Peoples think, actually mostly peoples think that Attitude is about money and they can buy every thing. Let me share with a story then you can understand what i’m talking about

Yesterday, a boy is fighting with someone, i don’t know why they are fight but there is something that grabbed my attention and that is boy’s dialogues and it’s something like this:

Boy : You don’t know who i am? you don’t know my father. 

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Guys using your daddy’s face value is Attitude? I mean Really? Attitude is not depends on your image or money it’s all depends on your experience and your confident. experience eared by hard word or failure and it’s also develop your confidence level.

Think Guys Think

Let me ask you a question (Please answer) let me know what you think about attitude.


Share this article to your social contacts then peoples can understand the value of attitude, share as much as you can! before you close this tap just left with your views, let me know what you think about Attitude.

Thank you!

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5 Responses to What is Attitude?

  1. really! Amazing article, I am feeling fulfilling by attitude after reading this post, because i know
    “Attitude is a little thing, That makes a big difference”
    and i never behave accordingly such as that boy was behaving. 🙂

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  2. yah! you are right!
    attitude is about how much confidence in your pocket!!

    Liked by 1 person

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