What is Personality?


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Hello Everyone! Here i’m again 😉 and today’s topic is What is Personality? what do you think? why i choose this topic? There is lot’s of topics to write about but why i choose Personality? I tell you why, nowadays peoples are confused between Looks & Personality. 

Peoples think looks or personality is a same thing but it’s not. looks is what you wear (cloths n all) but personality is opposite, Personality is what wear from inside. Peoples, think that Personality is about wearing expensive cloths and carrying a Money Attitudelet me just clear this


Image Credit : Naveen Maurya | Editing Credit : Jagdish Kashyap | Quote : Mr. Jk Quotes

Let me ask you a question what do you notice, when you meet someone first time? I tell you what i notice, i notice Dressing Sense, what he/she wear i mean did they have sense of their self? If yes, then i started talking otherwise i like to ignore.

The men with the sense of there self is good

By : Unknown

Mostly peoples notice your dressing sense when you meet first time but there is a difference between Noticing And Judging, you must not judge anyone by his/her dressing sense. Noticing is good but judging someone is not good because nobody nos what they can do. 

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 Here i have an another question for you please give your votes 

Well, we are almost done! before you just close this tap let me know your views at Personality please leave with your valuable comment. Don’t forget to share this on your social media contacts let your friends know what you are reading.

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6 Responses to What is Personality?

  1. Right Mr. Kashyap, Looks and personality is two different things and most important things in everyone’s life,
    Looks – people’s think and judge “How you are ?” after knowing you from out side but
    Personality – people’s think and judge ” What You are ?” after knowing you from inside….:)

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  2. yah! you are right personality and looks are two different thingg. good!

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  3. absolutely right mr. kashyap. personality and looks are two different thing but People always get confused by the personalities and looks.

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