We Are Not Afraid To Die.. If We Can All Be Together


Hi guys! Here Suraj Kashyap again and today I want to tell you a story and the story title is “We are not araid to die, If we can all be together” So, don’t wasting your time I’m come to the story.

It is description of a sea adventure experienced by the Gordon Cook and his family. The narrator, his wife Marry, son Jonathan and Daughter Suzanne were accompanied by two experienced sailors-American Larry Vigil and Swis Herb Stigler. In July 1976 they set a sail from Plymouth England in Ware walker a specially built boat. The first part of the journey was pleasant and everything went on smoothly up to Cape Town.Unfriendly weather and gignatic wave of southern Indian Ocean compiled the sailors to slow their speed drop storm jib and take other precautions.


The danger was so implict that the sailors completed liferaft drill and attached lines and life jackets. On 2 January, 1977 a giant wave hit wavewalker and caused much damage to it. The sailors got injured and the Gorden Cook was thrown overboard but the managed to get hold of wave walker’s guard rail. Inspite of his multiple injuries, he took of the wheel. In an atmosphere of fear and panicMarry took charge of the wheel whereas Larry and Hurb starting pumping out water . The Gordon Cook managed to stretch and cover convas across the gaps to prevent water from entering the ship. Their hands pump stopped working and electric pumps short circuited. They were distressed and busy in pumping, steering, repairing and radio signaling. They study charts and calculatively decided to reach a nearby island. They all were too busy in rescue work and did not take any meal for two days. Children were injured too but they did not draw attention of their parents and just allowed them to save wavewalker. The Gordon Cook became more determined and strong seeing children’s courage. Finally they reached. Ile Amsterdam a volcanic island where they welcome by 28 inhabitants.

So guys it is the end of the story. The moral of the story is “if we can all be together  So, we can Win The World.”

About Suraj Kashyap

My name is Suraj Kashyap, I love Blogging. I'm learning blogging from my brother, He motivate me every time. I'm passionate but not blogger yet and i'm learning and soon i will become a Professional Blogger from India.
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  1. sanjayroy123 says:

    Its motivate me thank for your sharing with us..!


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