My Last – Dream Insanely

Yes I’m Insane for Mah Dreams, I breathe for mah dreams,

I live for mah dreams, And I Proud to be a dreamer!

Mr. Jk Quotes

This time I’m writing for the dreamer and for my readers who really works for their dreams. As Title shows My Last – Dream Insanely Simply describe lots of things. When you work for your dreams lots of things comes on your way, it’s all the depends on you; You wanna give up or not!

Dreaming may be easy but walking on the path of reaching your dream is not that easy, lots of peoples give up on the first step of their dreams and some people walk until they reach or die. What makes them to Do or Die? Maybe, you know that if you walking on the way of reaching of your dreams.

I’m one of them Hello, This is Jagdish Kashyap and I’m also a dreamer, I’m gonna work for my dreams until I reach or Die.

Karte Karte Marna Hai Give Up Nhi Krna Hai.

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There is somebody who told me that my problem is bigger than anything else! Guys problems are the part of reaching your destination, Tell me one thing Can you learn driving without having any obstacle on your way? As same as success, it’s not easy to walking on your dream but when you start walking on the way many thins pull you down, throw you at the edge of life or many things that can convince you to give up.

Dream Insanely

“Success or Dream always two steps away from you’re giving up point”

Now It’s All Depends On You!!


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Jagdish - Blogger @50ShadesOfBlogging​, Dream, LifeLover Co-Founder of a BollywoodLover, Music Addicted, and OfCourse Handsome Guy (Delhi Guy)
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